I’m Dr. Laurel Proulx

I’m modernizing pelvic health through research, education, and bridging the gap between rehab and fitness.

No one should have to ask, “why didn’t anyone tell me?”

How’d I get into pelvic health? Well, I’m a sucker for justice.
As a new therapist, I worked with athletes and am a board-certified orthopedic specialist. What I quickly realized while working with runners, triathletes, crossfitters and even aerialists is that many of them had pelvic floor dysfunction that was causing them pain or keeping them from performing at their highest level. They divulged their symptoms in whispers, shame was often attached to the description, and a lack of direction or answers from other healthcare providers left them feeling defeated and lost. I’m here to change that.

As a young athlete, I also suffered from chronic pain that no one could explain, until we could find the specialist that could, 9 months later. I understand how it feels to be made to think you are “crazy,” miss out on competition, and question your identity beyond your physical abilities.

I understand thinking you can out train anything, including pelvic floor dysfunction.

As a 20-30 something I’ve also experienced mysterious health symptoms followed by years of specialist, tests, and questioning looks. I’ve learned to advocate for myself, truly know my body and what it needs, and respect that what I need may be different than what I want.

So I created FEM, to be a voice to educate folks about their health and provide exceptional care specific to the needs of the individual. FEM is an inclusive pelvic health provider and online learning platform. Standing on the pillars of access, collaboration, and advocacy. This isn’t your run of the mill kegel factory. Your pelvis is the center of all movement, so I watch you move, observe and treat from your feet to your neck and make it specific to you! I also am a firm believer that you best know what you need but you may not have all of the information to connect the dots. I’m the connector. My goal is to give you information that provides you options not obligations.

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Get all of your 4th trimester questions answered without going down a google rabbit hole. One-hundred pages of easy to access, evidence-based information. How to support your healing from the first postpartum poo to postpartum sex and an easy to follow pelvic floor and core rehab progression. Includes exclusive discounts on some of my favorite products to help your transition to parenthood.

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