Postpartum Connect

Foundational strength and guidance to reconnect with yourself

Your bridge between healing & fitness

Who’s Sick of This “Bounce Back” BS?

You had a baby and now there are a swarm of people telling you how and when to start moving, working out or healing. Why does it have to be so confusing when you just want to get back to what you love without peeing yourself? What if you could get the knowledge of a pelvic health physical therapist in the comfort of your own home with an easy to follow plan?

You Deserve Clear Guidance

and a plan on your terms

You don’t need to “wait and see.”

We actually know that incontinence and pain are risk factors for postpartum depression. You deserve to know how to take action, build a foundation, and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction and pain.

Here’s the thing, there’s no seamless transition to parenthood and that includes figuring out how to pee, poop, have sex, and, god forbid, do a sit-up or run a mile.

This program respects all bodies, all births, and all backgrounds and then helps them build a foundation for long-term athleticism and function. This program takes you from your first postpartum poo to running and jumping with everything from crunches to planks in between.

200 video demonstrations for every exercise

Educational modules on the 4th trimester, incontinence, pelvic pain, c-section, prolapse and abdominal separation

3 levels of each workout to choose from

Expert interviews for perinatal mental health, initiating breastfeeding, healing from pelvic floor injury, and healing with nutrition

Access to a private Facebook group and text app to ask me questions and connect with others

Discounted one-on-one appointment pricing with me

"I had an unplanned c-section and was not prepared for the recovery. Once I was able to work out, I started working with Laurel. In the beginning, I was afraid to sneeze because my back would just give out. My back would hurt all the time. I used to run before giving birth. And that is all I wanted to get back to - and now I am able to run because of Laurel. My back feels so much better - and of course I am no longer afraid to sneeze. I would highly recommend anyone that has given birth to work with Laurel. She is not only highly talented, but she is also kind and patient. She takes the time to make sure that you understand the workouts, what you should be doing, and also what you shouldn't be doing. I'm very thankful I worked with Laurel."


I just finished the planking week this past weekend and was feeling awesome! Some things were really starting to click. I can fully lunge again on both sides without feeling unstable. I found the sweet spot for modifying push-ups, where I had good form and felt a workout in my arms.


Just did week 1 first strength workout!!! I was so happy to move and not have to wonder where to start. You are an angel. Yeah I can tell I haven’t worked out but I don’t feel scared of leakage and I don’t have pain and I feel comfortable connecting with the deep core in movements. I am so thankful to have a good foundation.

Mel F

Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone who just had a baby and wants to restore function of their core and pelvic floor to help with things like prolapse, pain, urinary leakage, mobility, strength, abdominal separation and function.

“Will this program be too hard if I’ve never worked out?”

No. This program is intended for every level and every goal. You can complete only the “core connections” portion of the program for 12 weeks and have a solid foundation for everyday life and function with a baby, toddler or children.

“Will this program be challenging enough to get me back to my running or lifting goals?”

Yes. This program will lay the strength foundation for pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, overhead lifts and even running and jumping. Each movement has three levels of difficulty and then you can pick the load guided by our “be your own trainer” principles to respect where you are in healing and recovery.

Lifetime Access

$ 250
  • App Format for Easy Access
  • Your Own Workout Calendar
  • A Three Phased Approach to Take You From Birth to Athleticism
  • Phase 0 - Recover (weeks 1-3 Postpartum)
  • Phase 1 - Reconnect (weeks 4-6 Postpartum +Beyond)
  • Phase 2 - Rebuild (weeks 7-16 Postpartum + Beyond)
  • Fourth Trimester Education
  • Self-Assessments
  • Form Feedback from A Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Follow-Along Mobility Flows
  • Expert Interviews
  • Plus all educational modules for incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, abdominal separation, and c-section. Because sometimes birth gives us more than one thing to focus on


How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

Anytime you want! – The educational modules can even be watched while you’re pregnant. – There is guidance from week 1 postpartum and the Core Connection modules are intended to be started around 4 weeks postpartum. – The Strength Foundations modules are intended to be started at 6-weeks postpartum for an uncomplicated birth and once you have been cleared from your medical provider. The educational modules are intended to guide you on what level of activity you continue through without symptoms which will be different for everyone based on previous activity level, goals, birth history, and current needs.

This course is for you too! There are three perfect people for this program. 1. Someone who has just had a baby 2. Someone who has been working with a Pelvic Health PT but not transitioned to more athletic movement 3. Someone who has been working out postpartum but may be struggling with pelvic floor dysfunction with movement or struggling with progression and performance.

No. This is a movement program meant to set a foundation of strength and coordination of your whole body, including your core and pelvic floor. This program uses rehab principles and knowledge of prenatal and postpartum physiologic and biomechanical changes to focus on what you need and nothing more. This does not take the place of an individual assessment from a pelvic health physical therapist, which I highly recommend. There is no other medical provider that can perform an assessment of your core, scar tissue, pelvic floor muscles, and pelvis to explain your leakage, pressure or pain and make an individual plan for you.

Yes, you can do this at home. You need long resistance bands, loop bands, some form of kettlebell or dumbbell and any kind of box or bench. Optional items: a suspension system like TRX, a yoga block, a medicine ball. If you’d like to keep doing Postpartum Connect levels 2 and 3 after round one these workouts can easily be transitioned to a gym with heavier weights or barbells. I don’t recommend barbell work until a round with dumbbells.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 2 weeks and we will give you a full refund.

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