You’re more than a pelvis,

you deserve more than kegels.

Online PT and Performance

Your pelvic floor shouldn’t be the thing holding you back! I bring evidence-backed, innovative rehabilitation to your home. My approach includes making a plan specific to your goals and your body. No cookie cutter exercise handouts and programs here. This means I need to see your move and observe how your body responds to different challenges. Online therapy is a perfect to fit into your schedule and help you reach your goals.

In-Person PT and Performance

In-person PT and Performance is all of the problem solving and programming goodness of online appointments with the added benefit of me being able to feel what’s going on. This may or may not include an internal pelvic floor muscle exam.

Treatment additions can include manual therapy, scar mobilization, dry needling, cupping, and hands on guidance with exercise. I’m so excited to be serving the community here in Colorado and can’t wait to see you.

In-person appointments are offered in Colorado Springs in a private office within Crossfit Decimate:

6150 Stadia Ct, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Insurance and Other FAQ

FEM PT and Performance services are paid for directly by the patient without going through insurance. This allows for maximum flexibility and freedom when choosing a treatment that may not be available to you through insurance. FEM can offer you a superbill for PT services for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement under your “out of network” benefits. You can also use your FSA or HSA for payment.

Online PT and Performance

I understand you may have been through the ringer with other providers not connecting the dots between your pelvic floor muscles and what you are experiencing, that’s what I’m here for. Getting in to see someone about pelvic health issues may take a back seat due to seeming embarrassing or not worth your time. I understand your type, thinking you can outtrain your issues or always taking a backseat to everything else. This format allows you to be treated in a comfortable environment while improving access to care. This experience is virtual from start to finish through an easy to use and dependable system.

You can book a free 15 minute consultation for both online PT and Performance appointments to make sure we are a good fit. This could include movement analysis and modification, breathing techniques, mobility considerations, education on changes in anatomy and function in the antenatal period, and consultation with your trainer or coach.

Physical Therapy care is for individuals currently experiencing pelvic health symptoms such as pain, incontinence, pressure, prolapse, or abdominal separation related to those dysfunctions. During your initial free consultation, we will work together to determine if online care is right for you. Regulations for online services vary per state. I am currently licensed in Missouri, Tennessee, Colorado, Texas, and Oregon, so I can provide services to people within those states.

Performance Enhancement and Wellness Care: This is for people who are NOT currently injured or being seen for a specific diagnosis from a physician but want to learn more to optimize their performance or movement. This can also include a prenatal plan, safe return to activity postpartum, or overcoming a performance plateau due to your pelvic floor.

Pelvic Floor for Pros

You don’t have to be a Pelvic PT to benefit from understanding how proper function of the pelvic floor improves lifting power, rotational power, running efficiency, prevents overuse injuries, and allows greater flexibility. Learn the structure, function, and application of the pelvic floor to 3D movement to help your clients. I provide one-on-one professional mentorship when you’re stuck with that tricky client. I also offer in-person and online courses for your gym, clinic, or yoga studio: Pelvic Floor 101 for Weightlifting, Pelvic Floor 101 for Yoga, and Pelvic Floor 101 for Running.

Reach out to Laurel ( to schedule your Pelvic Floor 101 Clinic.

Interested in learning how to integrate the pelvic floor into a head to toe evaluation? Get on the waitlist for the upcoming course, Pelvic Floor for the Non-Pelvic PT.

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